Good Day Probiotic Chocolate Supplement

Good Day Probiotic Chocolate Supplement


Digestion issues are a drag, but we’ve got you covered. Move over yogurt – with 1 billion CFUs (colony forming units) per piece, we’re bringing our own active cultures to the party.

Non-GMO Ingredients. Fair-Trade Dark Chocolate. Coloring from Fruits & Veggies. Doctor-Founded.

What is probiotic?
Probiotics are often referred to as “good bacteria.” They are microorganisms, or microflora, which when taken in adequate amounts, have a beneficial effect on the body. For an organism to be considered a probiotic, they must be able to survive the difficult journey through the stomach acid to arrive in your intestines where they do their work. Good Day Chocolate uses a shelf-stable probiotic strain called Bacillus coagulans or LactoSpore®, which has been studied extensively over the past 20 years proving its ability to support digestive health and mitigate digestive distress.

How much probiotic is in a box?
There are 8 billion CFUs (colony forming units) per box, or 1 billion CFUs per piece so you can easily control how much probiotic you need.


How many probiotics do I need to take?
Our Probiotic Supplement contains a shelf-stable probiotic strain called Bacillus coagulans (LactoSpore®), which has been proven to promote digestive health when consuming 2-4 billion CFUs (2-4 pieces) per day for 10-14 days. If you have persistent digestive distress, have a compromised immune system, or are taking an antibiotic, you may want to increase your dosage to 5-6 billion CFUs (5-6 pieces) per day.  The beauty of Good Day Chocolate is that we provide you with 1 billion probiotics per chocolate supplement piece so you can adjust your quantities and take exactly what you need.

Why is it important to take probiotics?
When our intestinal microflora is in check it can do many things to support our overall health and well-being. It helps support the immune system. It aids in the absorption of nutrients. It suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause gas, cramping and irregularity. Seventy-percent of our immune system lives in our guts. Our gut cells shed each day much the way our skin cells do. As we age (or due to other factors like stress and medication) our bodies aren’t as successful at regenerating the good bacteria needed to keep potentially harmful bacteria in check. Taking a daily probiotic can provide your body some needed assistance in restoring balance.

If I’m taking an antibiotic, is the probiotic still effective?
Probiotics can be very helpful for those taking antibiotics. Antibiotics can be quite powerful and can kill good and bad bacteria, so it’s important to take a probiotic two hours before or after taking your antibiotic in order to give them an opportunity to survive and thrive.

Where is it manufactured?
All of our products are made with love in the USA!
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Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (Fair Trade Certified™ Unsweetened Chocolate, Fair Trade Certified™ Sugar, Fair Trade Certified™ Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin [An Emulsifier], Fair Trade Certified™ Natural Vanilla Extract), Sugar, Coloring (Spirulina Extract, Turmeric Oleoresin), Bacillus coagulans MTCC 5856 (LactoSpore®), Gum Arabic, Carnauba Wax.

Contains Soy. May also contain Milk, Peanut, Tree Nuts, Wheat.

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