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The Faster, Friendlier, Pharmacy

At Express Rx, we know that great customer service can give patients an easy and positive experience. Come see the difference for yourself.

Why Choose express Rx?

We offer delivery at many of our locations. Check with your local store to see if its offered in your area.

We offer clear packaging that facilities and even individuals might use to help divide and clarify your prescription needs. No need for that pill organizer any more!

Move your prescriptions by filling out this form (Easy Transfer) or just asking your physician to use Express Rx on your next fill. Its a very simple process we can help you perform.


We do offer compounding at our Little Rock location on Cantrell. We can have your compounds shipped to you, no need to figure out how to get your meds if you do not live nearby.

You can request your medicines to be synchronized. This simply means we make it so all of your regular medicines are filled on the same date and ready at the same time. This saves you time and helps us plan your visit so we have everything ready to go!

You can opt to do online Click-To-Pay by responding to a secure link we send you by text and pre-pay for your meds or we can securely store a credit card on file. This can really save time for you and offer a convenience if you are a caregiver and pick up medicines for another. A Click-To-Pay mobile app is available but optional. You may find benefit if you are a regular user of the online pay option. 

Click-to-Pay with NimbleRx

Sometimes calling about minor inquiries can be time out of your day and you’d prefer to just send a quick text. We will message you to know your Rx’s are ready but you can send us messages back with your questions. If you use the mobile app, its all secure and HIPAA compliant.

Our CEO, Galen Perkins, talks with the CBS station in Little Rock, Arkansas about what makes Express Rx special.

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What our customers are saying!

"Express Rx compounds a special medication for me. They alert me by text when it is ready, which is always sooner than the estimated time given by the IVR. The pharmacist remembers me and is always very nice and professional. I really like this pharmacy. They are way out of my way and not in my neighborhood and I only get one prescription from them,but they are worth the trip. I like them and don’t mind traveling to visit them.”
Butch LaMange
“This locally owned pharmacy offers old fashioned personal service. The staff knows everyone's name - you're more than a number at Express Rx. The facility has a drive thru and free delivery service. I receive a text when my prescription is ready and a reminder call if I haven't been able to pick up my medication within three days..”
Lorrie Barr
“I have had my epipens refilled at Express RX twice and have only received the best service. Without asking, the staff looked up discount cards and coupons for me on epipens which are quite expensive. I appreciate their thoughtfulness and extra effort to take care of me and my wallet. Thanks Express RX!”
Travis Helton